Electronic Cigarette Replacement Atomizer – Symptoms a Quitter Must Know

Electronic Cigarette Replacement Atomizer

Although a lot of people are addicted to smoking, some of them do want to quit the habit and lead a much healthier life. However, quitting cigarettes is never an easy task, in fact a lot of people who try to quit smoking do develop quit smoking symptoms which are at times very difficult to overcome. Despite such a fact, it is still important that they remain true to their goal and be strong enough to endure these symptoms so that they can finally quit the habit of smoking any time soon.

Mental And Physical Symptoms

When smokers decide to quit their vicious habit, they mostly undergo both mental and physical symptoms which are very difficult to ignore. Since smoking has already been a habit to these people, they may likely find themselves craving for a smoke. In addition, people who generally smoke because of stress or anxiety, may find themselves cringing for one especially when they are being pressured or tensed. Aside from these symptoms, they may also experience physical changes such as intestinal disorders or tingling in their feet or hands. A lot of people experience constipation when they are in the withdrawal stage and in order to endure such a process, you need to take in a lot of fluids and increase your fiber intake. You have to remember that nicotine is not the only solution to these symptoms. Moreover, it is likely that they will develop other symptoms such as coughing, sweating and sore throats which are normal indications of their smoking withdrawal.

People can even feel dizzy and light headed when they quit smoking since a lot more oxygen is being delivered to their brains. Electronic Cigarette Replacement Atomizer

A lot of times, hunger can also be a symptom for people who are trying to quit smoking. Since they are craving for a smoke, a lot of people confuse such with hunger and therefore compensate their non-nicotine days with eating more food.

Emotional Symptoms

If a person has been smoking for a long time already, then it may be a lot more difficult to quit smoking because of the graver symptoms he may experience during withdrawal. For example, a person who is trying to quit smoking may experience changes in his emotions. He may start having tantrums or perhaps temper changes. He may get angry very easily at things which may very well be normal to him when he was still smoker. Also, when in withdrawal, it may be very difficult for him to focus and make decisions for himself.

Indeed quitting your habit of smoking is a very difficult task especially if you have already grown accustomed to it. However, it is still possible to erase such a habit from your system as long as you have the right mindset and attitude. It is important that you take support from your family and friends and remember the benefits which you can gain just as long as you endure the withdrawal stage and succeed at finally removing the nicotine inside your system. All you have to do is endure these quit smoking symptoms and you will definitely succeed in the end. Electronic Cigarette Replacement Atomizer

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