PayZang Announces Payment Processing Services For High Risk Industries

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

PayZang can help high risk merchants with payment processing. PayZang has a suite of products targeted towards high risk industries for the two most popular payment channels, Card and ACH. In addition, PayZang offers Virtual Check to high risk merchants that cannot be underwritten for Card and ACH merchant accounts. PayZang aims at making it easier for a merchants customer to pay while preventing fraud and minimizing risk associated with non-collection of funds.

High risk merchants are typically merchants who have a high customer turnover rate, above industry average chargebacks or simply poor credit history. Some examples of high risk industries are: Law firms specializing in loan modification, collections, finance, debt reduction, debt consolidation, multi-level marketing, travel, pharmacy, online auctions, online dating services, ISP or hosting services etc.

PayZang caters to all business type as long as they are legal. PayZang has developed two different kinds of products to address the needs across the spectrum. PayZang understands that every business is different and that every business has to have the right kind of merchant account suited to its risk profile to create a long-term solution. The two account type listed below highlight the different kinds of offering PayZang has.

Standard Features of PayZang Card and ACH Accounts: PayZangs Card and ACH accounts come with cutting-edge technology. Some of the feature highlights are: