How long does it take to get rid of a smokers cough?

Question by Kelsey: How long does it take to get rid of a smokers cough?
I’ve been smoking for about 5 months, I smoke weed, cigarettes, shisha, anything I can smoke basically. I even smoke some plain cigarettes from amazon, I smoke from bongs, shisha pipes, electronic cigarettes, roll ups, joints. I cough a lot since I’ve started smoking this crap. If I give up smoking, how long will it take for me to quit coughing? Because I wake up in the morning, I don’t cough much but then when I smoke, I cough so much. Can I get rid of this? I’m taking bronchitis cough syrup. When I give up, will I stop coughing so much?
I’m a 21 year old female by the way. I also take prozac which is a good reason to give up smoking

I also take vitamins for my health such a d3, k2, evening primrose oil, omega 3, etc….
I also smoke fast for some reason
I love smoking, I think it’s a habit, I would basically smoke anything I can

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Possibly the rest of your life.

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  1. ? says

    Considering it’s only been 5 months it wont be a lifetime, but it can take years. Smoking weed is fine and it hasn’t and i doubt it ever will kill anyone, but you can switch over to a vaporizer or eat brownies to make it easier on your lungs. Bongs are complete hell on the lungs though.

  2. firstshot says

    Most important ! Never ever, take Medical advise from sites such as this, Never ever “self diagnose ” or” self treat” a medical condition, you may die doing so !
    ALWAYS see a medical professional. PERIOD .
    1.) Obvious, quit.
    2.) Marijuana contains twice the harmful carcinogens as tobacco, that must go also.
    3.) It depends on how much lung & esophageal damage has already occurred.
    4.) Permanent damage will occur.
    5.) Some Medicines that are used are : Daliresp, Advair, Spiriva.
    All the Meds in the world mean nothing if one keeps up the same behavior that is causing the
    Most important, you going to quit anyway, as they wont let you smoke when your laying in a hospital bed. ya know ?
    Or when you die. just hard facts.
    Be well

  3. joe d says

    You probably haven’t done too much damage yet. It could take like a year or two, maybe less if you get yourself on advair or spiriva.

  4. John Fatal says

    You don’t have to give up smoking, there is a better way.
    I developed a really bad cough after smoking kush all day every day for 3 months straight. I got rid of the cough by smoking with Fiz (got a free sample at the cannabis cup) I’ve been smoking with it ever since.

    Try it, your lungs will clear up in 1-2 weeks. No need to quit smoking.