EonSmoke Electronic Cigarette Review – Tobacco 18mg

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  1. MarrowPC says

    Because it comes with the charger would you ever have to replace the battery?

  2. raku217 says

    Actually, nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine. They are both stimulants, but in and of themselves are not necessarily harmful. The harmful part of a real cigarette is the carcinogens and tar that you inhale when the tobacco, paper and anything else they’ve added to the tobacco (numerous agents) burn and create smoke. E-cigs eliminate that problem by vaporizing the agent (usually glycerine + nicotine) therefore not creating any carcinogens.Vaporized (steam) nicotine is all you inhale.

  3. darsh127 . says

    Hey, I bought an EonSmoke economy pack from a deli nearby, and I’ve used it until the battery ran out, but when I try to charge it, nothing lights up, and it isn’t charging. Would you know why this is happening?

  4. Mike B. says

    What’s better? Nicotine in a harmless vapor, or nicotine with burning tobacco, which produces black residue that coats your lungs (tar) and hundreds of added chemicals…

  5. DrRocksotheClown says

    that is whyyou use it for a couple days to wean yourself off and then yo just use nothinga nd resist the urg to smoke..once ou kick…the rickis to keep your hands and mind busy so you don’t pick up a cigarette.

  6. Emma Fox says

    Best by far in my opinion are Electra Lites. I buy directly from the website. Go check um out.

  7. ToxicEyes1010 says

    Added to that, with most e-liquids/e-cigarettes, you will have a bit of an after taste, so if you’re going to play tonsil hockey with someone right after you take a drag, you might want to stick to menthol, mint, or some flavor other than tobacco. I personally smoke the menthol or mint, my boyfriend said it’s like kissing me after I’ve been chewing gum.

    “Far better than when you smoke tobacco,” he says.

  8. ToxicEyes1010 says

    The vapour itself will not smell like anything (vapour is just water; water has no smell), but it does have a ‘slight’ lingering scent of whatever flavour you’re taking in. AE: If it’s strawberry, you might have a slight strawberry scent. It will only linger as long as the vapour lasts. Which doesn’t last long at all. It will not smell up your clothes… unless, for whatever reason, you cover your mouth with fabric and blow directly into it. Not sure why someone would do that though.

  9. pat61l says

    i used ecigs to quit i feel soooo much better yea its not 100% safe but compared to cigarettes it is. but then again what is safe in life anyways nothing haha

  10. jake smith says

    like if someone is around you will it smell like a ciggarete or does it have a different smell