1. Roger Maestas says

    Hey man I have a vivinova v3 and its not working, I tired different coil heads and it won’t fire, I was wondering if the bases go out on these things? What could be the issue? Write me back ASAP

  2. jrockem7 says

    Fuck wat all these other haters have to say, you crack me up bro, and you hella chill, so yu cool in my book B-)

  3. Fred Martinez says

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  4. VapeLife Will says

    Hey guys thank you for the kind words. I’m just chillin, having fun. Be well, don’t be so mad…..thems just jokes! Lol

  5. SFG559 says

    It’s not a straw.

    And you’re a douche. You’re wearing faggot sunglasses indoors, smoking a fake cigarette, and talking like a stoned grandpa with Alzheimers. You sound like a fucking complete tool.

  6. Ben Callahan says

    Why are you guys tripping for ? Its his vape. Not like you guys are going to ever have a session with him.

  7. Tequan Richardson says

    Looks like he’s about to take a bite out of his cig every fucking time he takes a draw.

  8. Queenweezy1 says

    Nice video, what joyetech battery is that & was that a dual coil tank in blue? Nice set up

  9. lbcnamatt says

    I love watching you bro I start zoning out getting relaxed like those tapes….SLEEP no but seriously I was using a vivi Vala? Tank with a small ecig bat. Loved the taste then I got a ego bat and it just tasted burner had a 1.8 tries the 2.0 and 3.0 burned them up