Best Electronic Cigarette For Summer

by Joseph.Morris Vapor cigarettes have been mass produced for around 3 years, the device itself is a fantastic a piece of ingenuity and the market is aimed at smokers, whether they are trying to kick the habit all together or are just social smoker looking for the healthier option, the e cigs have mass appeal and are great for all types of people. … [Read More...]

Electronic Cigarettes in Review

by Ed Yourdon Electronic cigarettes are on the rise, and since their introduction to America in 2006, they have had overwhelming acceptance coupled with overwhelming questioning. Many questions focus on whether or not electronic cigarettes are actually healthier for the consumer, and what makes electronic cigarettes function. Are Electronic … [Read More...]

Vices Electronic Cigarettes E-Juice Review

Six e-juices from Vices Electronic Cigarettes What a pleasant surprise they were. Comment below or email me at; ... Video Rating: 5 / 5 Today I cover the basics of Breathing and Steeping your Ejuice. You can find the set up I'm vaping in this … [Read More...]