The Breakthrough of Electronic Cigarette

by Internet Archive Book Images Refillable electronic cigarettes are the newest breakthrough in the smoking industry. It is the most realistic thing to tobacco smoking. Smokers can now rejoice because this innovation is the key answer to aiding one’s addiction to smoking that usually comes along with health risks such as lung cancer, … [Read More...]

Tempe bans e-cigarette use in public

Tempe bans e-cigarette use in public Last year, under pressure to shield children from unknown health risks, the Arizona Legislature banned the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Federal provisions would also ban free samples and vending-machine sales in facilities that allow minors. Read more on Arizona Republic … [Read More...]

Top Tips To Quit Smoking And Get Your Health Back

Smoking is a dangerous and unhealthy habit, but due to its addictive nature, it can be very hard to quit smoking. Many people try again and again to kick the habit, but find themselves backsliding and picking up a pack of cigarettes again. The following tips should help you finally quit smoking for good.If you are looking for a chemical aid to quit … [Read More...]